Why I Am Here

oil skin and StetsonMy entire life has been led by instinct and intuition. Later, by my connection to the world in which I live. I started to see the bigger world while strapped into a racecar; later through the time I spend in the mountains. I moved seeking peace and a place to exist in harmony with my demons and powers. The price I paid was to move away from my best friend and the place in his life he provided.

I had to develop a life to live on my terms and in my place. The place I chose was the area of my birth: In the evening shadow of my Rocky Mountains. Close to the farm where I frolicked as a child. Not far from the places my parents grew up before me.

I am not just a child of the Rockies, but also a soul partially built by John Denver’s music. I used his music to connect to my mountains while in the D.C. suburbs. I still use his music to write to, to ground with, to Jeep to and to remember why I am here.

Through my writing the great forces in my life will be identified and personified. One of the more impactful minor events in my life was with Dianne. She heard my philosophy once and gave me a book by Richard Bach. I rarely saw her again, but the book became my bible. We never know the events that will change our life.

What will follow are lessons I have learned. Some are from friends, some from love, some in a racecar, many in a Jeep and all from my search for my own answers.


One thought on “Why I Am Here

  1. I also try to live by instinct and intuition (heart and soul). Not an easy thing, but extremely rewarding! I look forward to reading more from you! You made me think back to a movie I watched in Brazil when I was young. It was about an ill woman, but what marked more was John Denver’s song. It was beautiful and sad. It is amazing what comes to mind…I had not thought of that movie in over 30 years. Blessings! 🙂

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