Divine …



To love someone is the most divine human expression.


This is a world where we pay a lot of attention to the superficial.  We care more about breasts than courage.  More about income than character.  More about what others think than what we think of ourselves.  Crap.


I have loved.

My God have I loved.

I have poured my heart and soul out as tears and elation, on paper with pen, in books and in song and in time and travel.  I have loved with passion, determination and sometimes frustration.  I have been first kisses, first mores, first loves and have been the last of each of those for two.


It has been said when we look back on our lives, we will regret the things we didn’t do, more than the things we did.  I agree.  I hope, when my memory fades and I move on, I don’t forget the times I have loved completely, deeply, passionately …

Those are life to me.

Those are life to me.

Those are life.


There have been times I have barely been able to make ends meet.  And there have been times I was unable to love.  There have been few of either but the second are the ones that I feel ashamed of.


I will never put down the work it takes to love a single person and maintain a marriage for half a century.  It is a dying art.  But I also respect the ability to love more than once, one person, one relationship.


I have never been married, not for lack of trying or desire.  I have never had children, since I felt the first should come first, being a child of divorce and partially raised myself.  But I have loved more than many marriages have seen.  And I have amazing god-children I could not be more proud of.


I have known some amazing women and men.  I have dated some of those amazing women.  I have been friends with or stood up for some of those amazing men.  I have been blessed.  I have witnessed a birth and officiated a wedding.   How could I ask for more.


I do.


I want more.


I want to fall in love again.


Cause to do so…

Is the greatest of gifts and the most divine of expressions…







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