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Going back to WWII, there was even then a war of propaganda.  All wars start with lies and end with lies.  Why we fight is not the reason why we start to fight. How we rationalize a war has little to do with what the war is about.  We can often connect lines of logic through time and events and support the public perception of why.  This is helped when the press is either fed or willingly tells only select stories.  But the press is not the only component here.

Today, we talk about lower taxes being the key to economic success, even though every example is only a success for a short time and leads to recessions.  Also, it is impossible to always lower taxes so it cannot be the only answer, but it is the popular answer since we only care about today, fuck our kids, tomorrow doesn’t matter.

Today we talk about a war on terrorism, when other parts of the world see us as the terrorists and we have experienced almost no terrorism from foreigners.  Today we focus on illegal immigrants and VERY expensive answers rather than immigration reform which would make us money.  What we seem to focus on allows others to look proactive and give permission for action.  Action that is not based in the true goal.

On August 6, 1945 the US Army Air Corps dropped the first atomic bomb from a plane.  This wasn’t the first atomic detonation.  The “Gadget” was the first atomic device that was detonated on July 16, 1945.  The bomb over Hiroshima was the second detonated, named “Little Boy”, a name taken from the Maltese Falcon.

Prior to this, there had been an extensive bombing campaign both in Europe and Japan.  The US public had been growing tired of the war and the loss of life.  The reason for extensive bombing was to reduce the more publicized loss of US lives on the ground.  I wont fault this, this is sound strategy.  But due to the growing public exhaustion of death tolls, both American and enemy, there was also an extensive propaganda campaign regarding precision bombing.

Precision bombing in WWII was a myth.  It wasn’t until smart bombs that precision bombing really existed and that was not until the 1990s.  If we could really drop bombs “in a pickle barrel” from 10,000 feet in 1942, we’d not have as much need for guided bombs today.  This was marketing, propaganda, to lessen the exhaustion on the home front and sell the myth of saving lives through superior tactics and technology.

What was being sold was this, we would only hit vital war resources and thus cripple Germany’s ability to wage war while sparing as much as possible the German people.  Nice concept, but not possible then.  How do we know, simple … the deadliest bombing campaigns of WWII include well over 10,000 dead civilians.  The most immediate causalities is from bombing Tokyo in 1945 where over 100,000 civilians dead.  Where was the precision?  Where was the saving of lives?  There was efforts yes, but not results and the US military knew it.

All of the US bombings in the top ten used the Nordon bomb site, one of the most secretive instruments of WWII.  It wasn’t as good as advertised.  Not close.  I theorize the reason it was so secretive was that as it was being sold as a precision instrument the US military was using for accuracy and also saving lives and it wasn’t able to do this job and thus it must be kept secret so no one knows it does not live up to the billing.  It was good, very good even.  But pickle barrels were never targeted.

The Manhattan project, something my family is directly connected to, was unknown by the US citizens until August 6, 1945.  It was to that point the most secretive project in US history, and for good reason.  Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima in order to force Japan into surrender and to prevent an estimated then, 100,000 US causalities from invading Japan.  Today that number is often quoted as 1,000,000 lives.  Lies grow like inflation over time.

The reason we know that the invasion would not cost that many lives is that we had total navy superiority, almost complete air superiority and the mainland was not guarded by 100,000 prime and well fed and trained Japanese soldiers.  Japan was mostly populated by the old and the young and the female.  Okinawa and Iwo Jima were Japans last real breaths.  Kamikazes were not an act of extreme patriotism and fanaticism.  Most of the pilots were told if they returned they and their families would be shot.  Most Kamikazes also never reached their targets.  Some were fanatics but the presence of any is not the rule of all.

The invasion of Japan would take time and preparation and the idea the Atomic bomb could end the war earlier was real.  The idea that it could prevent an invasion was real.  It could and did save American lives.  But it was not to prevent a blood bath, it had a wholly different purpose.

Go back to the start of 1945 when the bombing of Japan really took root.  We bombed so many cities, over 100, and some nearly to the ground.  We bombed industrial cities and ones that had little industrial purpose.  This was to help destroy the war machine but that machine by that time was largely broken. It was to break the will of the people.  Fair enough.

But here is the interesting part and how we know we only had two atomic bombs to drop.  There were only a few major cities left un-bombed.  Left pristine.  Ignored by all American bombs until they were not.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki were deliberately left un-bombed by orders starting in Jan of 1945.  They were already the targets of the atomic demonstration.

We needed a clean target to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of the atomic bombs.  This was also advertising.  Advertising for who?  We’ll get to that.  We knew the bombs should work, since we tested one.  We didn’t test both kinds.  The two we dropped were different.  One we had already tested, the other we had not.

We did try to prevent human deaths in the bombing though.  We did not need to see death tolls to measure effectiveness.  We actually warned Hiroshima of the coming bombing.  Few left.  Most of the city was as it had always been at 8:15 am.  By 8:16, the cold war had started.

The Potsdam conference had taken place in Germany and the initial test of “the gadget” had taken place while it was gong on.  President Truman until that point had been hoping to get Russia to attack Japan.  He did, but by the end of the conference Truman knew it would not be needed.

Ironically, Stalin also knew the gadget had worked but not because Truman told him, because his spies had.  He had many spies in The Manhattan Project and he knew as much as Truman.

Russia and the US were already starting to stand off over gained territory in the war.  Russia didn’t want to give any won territory back, whereas the US and England wanted to give it all back.  This was the first step of the cold war.  All major US leaders knew Russia would be one of the next problems.  Gen. Patton wanted to continue on from Berlin to Moscow.

For those of you who think if he had it would have solved many issues, you are wrong.  We woulda lost or at least not won and lost millions of US lives in the process.  Russia lost more people in the battle of Moscow than we have lost in US history of war.  Those of you who think Russia was weak are fools.

Hiroshima was a demonstration to Russia where we stood with atomic weaponry.  We were far ahead of Russia or Germany or England, all of who had been working on the same technology.  Germany had been ahead of us but British special forces and our bombing knocked out the resources needed.

So historians and the general public who have read some, think that the atomic bombs were to prevent US loss of life in the invasion of Japan.  There is a grain of truth in that beach of propaganda.  But in reality is was to measure the effectiveness of our newest weapon and to show Russia how big our … um … bomb was.

It likely did save lives.  It did save American lives.  It didn’t prevent wars.  It might have prevented some wars though.  It only took the Russians 4 years to catch up.  That may be when the real cold war started.  Yet the Korean War started the following year so they did not prevent wars.

We can look at this event in a different way and it makes more sense when you understand that we detonated the bomb for far more reasons than to end the war.  we were demonstrating our technological superiority and likely stalled Russian aggression.

Lets take one last look at this issue in a more modern context.

We see Russia as a threat sometimes, ok, they love to posture and did invade the Ukraine, kinda … Since WWII, Russia or USSR has invaded 4 nations.  We have invaded 10.  We love to see North Korea as a threat, yet since 1950, North Korea has not invaded or attacked any other nation.

We love to see them as a threat because they may have developed nuclear weapons even though they have never demonstrated them publicly.  In the meantime, do you have any idea how many atomic tests and detonations have taken place on the planet and by whom?


There are 7 known nuclear nations.  South Africa developed the technology but dismantled theirs when they joined the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which we and Russia have also signed.  North Korea we already discussed and I do not count as part of the 7 known.  There are also 5 nations that have US nuclear missile bases including Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The known US active Nuclear arsenal which has been inspected by many nations many times, is set at about 1,800.  There are about 7,000 decommissioned but not yet destroyed missiles.  Why so many?  Cause liberals wont allow us to dispose of the material and not allow us to build nuclear reactors which can use some of the material, so there it sits…

But answer me this Glenda Lou … why are we scared of North Korea? Can you name the 7 known states with independent nuclear weapons?  I’ll give you the US and Russia.  England is an easy guess and anyone with some savvy will guess France.  All correct. China is also an easy guess but often forgotten.   How about India and Pakistan?  Did you know they had them as well?  Did you know Israel very likely does?  And not because we gave it to them, they developed them on their own.  So why are we scared of north Korea … No one rational is.  But it is great propaganda to justify military build up.  N.K. is not a threat to us as I mentioned in my previous article.

We seem to be the worlds authority on who should have nuclear weapons yet we are the only nation who has used it in anger on an enemy.  At the time, it could have been seen as a war crime.  Mass targeting of civilians with a non conventional weapon.  We sold it well and we won.  If it was Japan that had used it we would have put them on trial.

We tend to make a deal out of other nations that possess biological weapons or chemical weapons.  Yet ironically, the US has examples of every known bio toxin and chemical warfare ordinance known to man.  Are they in weapon forms?  Yes they are, we have many examples of this to prove it.  Who says we can be trusted?  Who does the prosecution?  Us.  So were exempt yet we lie about it all the time.  Lets take a look.

We try to sell ourselves as the policemen of justice, we aren’t.  Agent Orange was not a myth, is it real and it killed up to 350,000 people.  It caused birth defects for a generation and almost destroyed an ecosystem.  That was us using chemical warefare on an enemy in the 60s and 70s.

In Fallujah in 2004 the US military used white phosphorous on Iraqi civilians.  Is it a bio ordinance, no.  Is it a chemical ordinance, yes it is.  It is a gray area used to excuse the choice but they targeted almost entirely civilians, so I call crap on that excuse.  This was a news story everywhere but in the US.  Still believe the press is free or liberal?

In 1988 the US was supplying Iraq and Hussein with intelligence in their war with Iran and knew they were using Sarin, mustard and nerve gas, and helped them know where to aim them, including on Kurdish civilians … their children are what we call ISIS today.  We reap what we sew.

BTW, if you think the above is ok because you hate anyone with dark skin, be brave and honest and unfriend me on FB now.  You are of no use to me.  I wont miss you.

Now lets bring this home.  The US government still wont say what they were releasing from building roofs in the 1950s in St Louis’ prominently black neighborhoods where a cancer cluster followed.  It is classified.  So I am sure it’s nothing bad, right?

Need we mention the Tuskegee experiment?  I hope not.

Lets get much closer to home.  In 2011 the police fired tear gas at the occupy protestors of Oakland.  Tear Gas is prohibited by the military as a chemical war agent.  So if it is against the law in war, why is it ok to shoot against US civilians by our police?  Why do they even have it in inventory if it is a war crime to use?

Shall we go on or shall we simply accept that the US IS an expert on chemical warefare since we take part in it often against foreign combatants against several international treaties and we fire them at our own civilians and lie about it.  So maybe we are the worlds policeman because we are the experts on using them and lying about it, but you likely heard it here first.

So all this distortion of truth makes me wonder one question: What will our children discover about us now, that we deny because we wont apply simple logic and do some research that is not that hard with Google Scholar and foreign news sources?  If you want to know I would do so before access to foreign news agencies is by fee only, paid to the US Govt.  Think that’s a silly concept, you need to read more about net neutrality and why it is under threat.


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