It’s Not as simple as Pro or Con

I have been called many things in my life.  They vary and that’s fine, I have been many people in my life.  In the opening innings of a new Republican administration we are once again on the verge of another war, or escalation or police action or whatever term is PC now in the non-PC Presidency.

I worry that we so easily go to guns.  I worry that lives are not valued enough.  I worry that we go in with our soldiers in response to aggression or an affront and have no clear objective or exit to know when our soldiers will no longer be asked to die.  If we have no clear end, there should never be a beginning.  If the objective is a lie, such as a recent war, then that should be considered treason by the people of this nation.

I get that Presidents and politicians and governments lie to its people.  I get it.  There are some times when they should never.  The reason to go to war is one of them.  The objective of that war is another.  If not, then they killed our soldiers with lies and did so knowingly and deliberately.  If that isn’t treason I don’t know what is.

But lets assume the next action is true.  I want you to ask yourself before hand, how many of our soldiers should die for this war.  We don’t know loss like other nations do.  We have no concept of what it feels like to lose more people in a single battle, than we have currently deployed in our armed forces.  There are numerous battles in the 20th century that had more deaths on one side, than we have had in our nations history.  We don’t know loss like other nations.

Also, I want you to consider what the objective is.  Do we bomb North Korea?  If we do, to what end?  They vilify us with no cause.  Yes we fought them a generation and a half ago but that’s old news.  That war ended 60 years ago, and they didn’t lose.  If we bomb them is it to convince them were the good guys?  You cannot kill someone into friendship.  That’s like beating my neighbor so they invite me over for parties.  Is it about removing the leader?  If so, bombing wont do it.  We have to invade.  We have to conquer.  We have to occupy.  Are you ready to occupy yet another nation with no clear end in sight?  You don’t remove leaders of nations with bombs alone.

What are we scared of there anyhow?  They have yet to show they can launch anything remotely close to … anything.  Much less us.  They have likely detonated a nuclear weapon.  But that’s a far cry from being a nuclear power or military.  I have yet to see proof that what they have detonated underground was a true nuke.  It could have been A LOT of TNT and radioactive material to make it look nuclear.  They are NOT a threat.

Also, we overlook the obvious.  Yes they have launched missiles towards Japan.  Some say to provoke us.  Some say to attack a protectorate of ours to provoke us into action.  No.  That can’t be it.  Why you ask?  Simple.  South Korea.  South Korea is easily reachable for them and they could attack it with ease.  Yet they don’t even try.  The largest deployment of US soldiers overseas is in S. Korea.  If he wanted to provoke us, our military is only a couple dozen miles away, yet he fires in the other direction.  He is playing games.

How many US soldiers should die due to a dictator playing a game? A game where no foreigners have yet to die.  How many US soldiers should die because a man who looks like Tweety Bird is a big mouth.

tweety bird

How many US Soldiers should die for him?

The other direction our new leader may send our soldiers is Syria.  The man who claimed to know more about ISIS than the generals, should have a hell of a plan.  It should start with what we know if you listen to more than Fox News.  We caused Isis.  Isis used to be the Kurds.  The same people we long ago armed and trained to help fight for their freedom as they were being oppressed by Saddam Hussein.  Then we forgot them.  When Hussein was killed and removed from power, we just moved on and the oppression continued.  We helped make Isis.

Are we to blame?  No.  Are we the cause?  No.  We are part of the reason for them to exist though.  So does that mean we should sit by and not care?  No.  But it is a symbol, a hint, a clue of the issue in the middle east.  There is no end to war there.  They were killing one another over what God you pray to and how since long before this nation, or most nations, or Jesus… There is no end.

Remember the movie War Games?  No matter how many ways The WOPR computer played out the game, there was no win.  No matter what happens in the middle east, there is no balance.  There is no win.  There is no obtainable objective and there is clearly no end.  If we go to war in Syria, it is not to win.  It is not because they are a threat to the US.  So you have to ask, why are we doing this if there is no end?  Someone profits but it isn’t the US soldier.  They die.

Do you know how many Americans had been killed by ISIS prior to us going there to stop them?  None.  ISIS was and is regional.  They are small time on the world stage.  They are the definition of no threat to the US.  So how many American men and women in our armed services is it a good number to die for no threat to us? How many American men and women should die when there is no obtainable objective to military action?  How many US soldiers should die when we cannot win?

If our President knows more about ISIS than the generals, he should know the simple lesson the WOPR learned from Tic Tac Toe.  The only way to win is not to play ….

I HATE wars.  I HATE them.  Yes there are amazing feats or heroism and amazing stories of overcoming.  But that’s no reason to have 1,000s of our sons and daughters die.  I am VERY pro soldier because I am anti war.

We are in a very pro soldier era now as a backlash by the next generation after the generation of Vietnam.  I get it.  The odd thing is I don’t know a single soldier that wants the praise the public seems the need to heap on them.  Most have told me, “I did a job I signed up to do, I got a paycheck and an education opportunity, I’m not a hero, I was a soldier, now I am a worker, and a parent and a spouse and your neighbor.  Treat me with respect like you should anyone.”  Amen.

I respect those wishes and don’t fill my need to feel patriotic by forcing praise.  They deserve respect, yes.  They deserve support when needed, yes.  WE ALL do.  But most just want to move on or continue being the soldier they chose to be.  I support them, by HATING wars that kill them.

I have been called anti-soldier because I am anti-war.  I am PRO solder and pro American and pro Human, because I am anti war.  Call me anything you like.  But if you feel I am anti soldier because I am anti war…I know all I ever need to about you.  Change the channel …


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