A Painful Truth About Our Flag


There are some things that I feel are important to know about our flag and our nation.  Some of this wont be easy to accept.  I will never deny my pride of it, its meaning, its intent and I would defend it as a symbol of our nation I am also proud of.  But there are also truths that need to be understood to know where to place pride and where we may be over stepping our history and our laws.

The US flag became official long ago. Although the nations birthday happened first, July 4, 1776, which I don’t actually consider our birthday, our flag became official June 14, 1777.  However, it did not stay in one form. It is not hard to understand that the number of stars have changed.  But not 37 times.  States were made official in clusters sometimes and official changes in the flag were made in steps.

Some I have seen have had issue over non “current” flags being flown.  By law, any official US flag can be flown in any national capacity.  I have two American flags.  One with 48 Stars, one with 38.  Both are legal and official.

That was the easy part ….

Some people will have a very hard time with this one.  Before WWII, we did not put our hands on our hearts when the pledge of allegiance was spoken.  We raised our right hand just like the Nazis did. This was called by us, the Bellamy Salute.  Hard to imagine I know, but it is true.  This was the policy until June 1942.


The pledge of allegiance and the salute, were written by a socialist, Francis Bellamy to help sell flags from his mail order magazine.  His original pledge was this, “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, indivisible, with Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and Justice for all.”    This original pledge did not include the phrase, “Under God”.  This was not added until 1954 in a response to Godless Communism.  In other words, when we seem un-accepting of change in regards to something so sacred as the pledge, remember it has changed several times in 100 years and was not part of the forming of our nation.  Nor was it written in pure patriotism, but with a mind to profit.

The pledge also has no official power or role whatsoever.  It does not weed out communists or socialists or any ‘ist’.  It is said like anything else, easily and without hesitation.  It is not a sign or indication of anything.

Here is a list of some of people who took that pledge:

Richard Poplawski, Ted Kaczynski, John Patrick Bedell, Byron Williams, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Jared Loughner, Timothy McVeigh, Andrew Joseph Stack, Duane Roger Morrison, Robert A. Hawkins, Omar Mateen … Domestic terrorists all.  I am not saying we need to get rid of it, I am saying it is simply a gesture.

This era we live in is too damn scared.  This nation is scared of everyone.  Those scared are mostly conservatives, the self proclaimed guardians of patriotism, yet this fear and where it aims is so ignorant of history and so damn scared of anything that is not white, male and rich.  BTW, most of the domestic terrorists who kill far more than foreign ones, are white and male and sorry to say, mostly conservatives although on the FAR, FAR right.  Before anyone screams at me like from a previous post, yes, there are domestic terrorists on the FAR FAR left as well.

But wait .. there is more….

Told ya this wasn’t gonna be easy.

I have posted this many times in many forums and people who know me know I love this piece of history.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

This is relevant to this next piece of official US record…

Currently, flag burning is not illegal in the United States. The Supreme Court of the United States in its decision from 1969 ruled that the burning of the flag is protected by the First Amendment.

I’m sorry, but the recent story of the the FedEx driver and the flag protestor … the FedEx driver should be arrested if you value your rights and the laws.  It is LEGAL to burn a flag.  What he did was first theft and then when he returned, assault.  He is a criminal.  I’m sorry if you disagree with me but the laws are not to be interpreted by citizens and our highest court said what the flag burner was doing is LEGAL.

It is the protection of our rights even when expressed in a way that boils your blood that ensures that when you express yourself, YOU have the same freedom if I disagree with you.    Many Republicans lately have been shitting all over the first amendment.  That is sad and it is an ignorant choice.  You are disrespecting our nation by ignoring the FIRST right afforded to us. The most important right.

I know it is hard to accept but we MUST have the right to express ourselves freely within the laws and flag burning, even if it feels horrible to watch, is LEGAL.  It is the protection of our rights, even when they make our blood boil, that ensures that we will have the voice to speak out when our government commits more atrocities.

“What do you say about a government that goes out of its way to protect even citizens that try to destroy it?

God Bless America.”

For those of you who are telling me how to be a patriot by telling who to fear, and what to do?  I got this.  Step off.  Although I will protect you to say whatever you like …

If I chose to be scared, I’d fear you.


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