GMO Doesn’t Mean What ya Think



There are certain things that the press has been irresponsible with and made into social issues.  There are things that they simply ran with cause they sold papers without actually representing the truth, such as the whole anti-vaccination movement.  If not for a celebrity with no understanding of the situation behind that they would not have run with it.  I’d even go so far as to say if the person shouting it was not female, blonde, fairly young and tied to sexuality (Playboy model) then I feel it would have received very little attention at all.


The press also played a role in the 1970’s “Oil Embargo” which could have easily been seen as a political/financial ploy rather than a reality.  The embargo was real, but not by any foreign source. It was a power and fortune play by the 1%ers to make a lot of money.  Anyone who bothered to notice the line of ships off the coast at oil importing ports who were not permitted to dock, shoulda wondered who were the ones playing games.


No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, read this page extensively and you will know i am not at all.  I simply try to draw conclusions based on real evidence, not press clippings.  I do follow the clippings though, to look the other way.


What does GMO mean?  Simply, Genetically Modified Organism.  They are to be avoided as un-pure and against God.  They are also harmful, with every reason to avoid for proper health.  Bullshit …


GMO by many people means something that is not healthy.  Something that has been changed to the negative.  Now I will admit, not all changes by industry (and farming is an industry) lead to better products.  But usually if they change something into crap it doesn’t sell.  Reference the Mustang II sales.  Or New Coke.  Yeah …


GMOs are all over the place.  They are hard to avoid and lead to health issues.  Well, yes and no.  The reason I say yes and no is because there are studies that seem to lead towards some health issues related to GMO foods.  I cannot deny that.  But the sources for these are often agenda driven research groups that seek to generate research that reach the desired conclusions.  Tobacco in the US did this.  This doesn’t mean the anti-GMO groups are doing the same but often the anecdotal information drawn does not mean a pattern of undeniable conclusions.


Lets address the other statement.  GMO foods are everywhere.  In a way they are, but not in the way many assume.  There are currently only 8 GMO foods.  Some of them are pretty rare.  Some are … VERY common.


Soy Beans, Potatoes and Corn are VERY common.  They are all GMOs.  Papaya, cotton and summer squash are not commonly ingested foods.  Sugar beets are very common but not consumed as a whole, which some would argue makes no difference.  Alfalfa is very common but not consumed directly by humans.


There is also an approved apple coming that adds to the list.  Apples are very common.  So yes, they are everywhere but not most foods.  Corn and soy can be very common in processed foods as filler which makes them even more common.  But this means not all of the product is not included in the processed food.  Processed food is not by definition GMO.  Processed foods also include many non GMO foods and can contain organic foods.  So to call processed food organic is just as fair as calling them GMOs.


So why all this modifying anyway?  I mean, it is all to kill us right?  Cause less consumers and ill ones make greater sales.  Or … yes it is all for profit and has less value to the consumer and will kill us all, cause again, we buy food after were dead, right?  Ok, maybe I am being harsh … but maybe the concern is that GMOs wont kill us but it will not help us, fair enough.  Or is it any plot in a capitalist society that makes more money is inherently evil?  Someone needs to explain that one to me …


GMOs offer things like, resistance to bugs, disease resistance, tolerance to heat and dry conditions, resistance to herbicides and to delay the ripening process to make sure the product is ripe on the consumer shelf potentially thousands of miles from the field of harvest.


The apple that is soon to receive approval, it modified to resist browning when cut.  Will it kill you?  I suspect your weekly trip to McDonalds is killing you faster.  Or even more likely, your daily soda intake.  Blame the food in the latest trend of false research if you like but we usually kill ourselves with our knowledgeable choices, not the devious plot of industry.


One of the GMOs being developed is a peanut that most people allergic to peanuts will not react to.  Damn evil industry …


I will also point out that GMOs are not the same as selective breeding, like your dog.  It is not the same as genetic evolution, like us.  Some of the traits attributed to GMOs are not related at all and were developed long before genetic modification was possible.  Seedless grapes are not GMOs.  The special apples my grandfather developed for my grandmother to use in pies and cider were not GMOs.  That was grafting.


If you have concerns about GMOs I get it, and I would say keep researching.  But look to more than one source.  Look to more than the sources that support your suspicion.  Also, look beyond the US for research.  The US is not the only place such research is done but if there is a special interest with money to drive research here, like tobacco and anti-vaccination research, the research here can be skewed.  If there is less concern in say Europe or Japan for issues but research is done, they may have different outcomes.  These cannot be ignored just because they do not support the special interest.


All this GMO hype is just the latest in a press driven consumer trend that filled the vacuum left when the anti vaccination movement died on the sword of truth.  This is simply daytime science.  If you cherry pick the evidence like, “Sally ate processed food all the time and now she has cancer so it is obviously connected.” then you will know nothing and live foolishly.  That’s your choice. Even if you have access to science [oh that evil democratic plot of science] and proof, you are under no obligation to be educated.  Idiocy is a choice, like that soda you are drinking and that lovely processed fast food you love…




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