Fault Lies in the Mirror

I am writing this as the returns are coming in.  I’m not watching…


The over all and overwhelming theme to this election was what crap candidates we had to choose from.  The fault for this is easy.  I’m not saying blame, yet, I am saying fault.


There is plenty of blame to go around.  We can blame the politicians as we always do.  That’s not an American thing, that’s a person thing.  We can blame the other party, that’s also not exclusive to Americans but we excel at it.


The idea behind blaming the other party is simple, this mess is not may fault.  Guess what, we played our part.  As the last party left office 8 years ago, many of my friends bemoaned the disaster that would come.  Amazingly as time passed the incoming president was blamed for such things as the subprime mortgage bail out, and the Automaker bail out and the economic stimulus package.  I get it a little … except the ignorance.


If The President did not bail out Chrysler and Chevrolet, the same people complaining about the bail out would be bitching about the lack of government assistance to save these American icons.  So the real motivation is to hate the party and it’s supporters for any reason you can find.  BTW, the government made money on the bail out, damn them.


As for the subprime mortgage bail out, this one I am amused with the most. It happened under Bush, and the bail out was under the Bush administration … yet people of his party, Republicans, blame the Democrats.  Why?  Blame the other guy.  Also, why does blame need to be cast?  The crisis had many causes over 20 years, and the bail out had to happen, but no … we must blame.  Too bad most people were able to keep their homes.  Too bad major banks didn’t all collapse, I guess that would be better?


The part I really don’t get is this … that mortgage crisis was a depression in the making and we were damn close.  The next guy passed an economic stimulus package to help the economy come back.  Guess what, it did.  DAMN HIM WE HAVE A BETTER ECONOMY!  Republicans are damn good at bitching about anything to justify criticism and hatred.  Grow the fuck up!  That is not American in my opinion and if it is, then I hate this country. (that’s my right by the way, check the first amendment, it is the only one in front of your beloved second amendment.)


My point in all this is as Americans we ALL love to bitch.  I am doing it right now.  We love to blame, We love to think that we have it all figured out and everyone else is ignorant.  When I say we, I mean whoever we identify with as those not to blame.  Those borders change in single discussions.


We have massive debt yet we want lower taxes.  Were ignorant.  We have elected Presidents from one party based solely on this one stupid self ignorant statement.  Were Americans.


One party opposes change, and that’s good.  One party tends to promote it, that’s also good.  But the hatred expressed is disgusting.  I am a member of neither party.  I am not arrogant enough to be a Democrat ( I’m close).  I am not full of enough hatred to be a Republican.


This election has not been about anything other than those two principles.


One candidate has been above judgement in her own eyes, as if she has done nothing wrong.  Now she has been investigated and they found nothing worth prosecuting.  Notice I didn’t say did nothing.  Nothing worth prosecuting.  So she is not innocent.  but no politician is.


The other is among the most sexist, racist, ignorant of world politics, lying, denying and xenophobic people I have ever seen.  And I am a mental health counselor!  He is a sick man.


SO let us hate the system that provided is with these two choices.  Thus ….


Let us hate ourselves.  WE did this.  WE chose them.  WE nominated them.  The choices are the ones we gave ourselves.  But no …lets blame the system.  That esoteric thing that has no form or name, just “the system”.  It is to blame.  NOT ME.


The Democrats ran only two candidates.  That was sad.  And they likely nominated the bad one.  WE nominated the bad one.  Not the system.   WE DID IT.


The Republicans at least ran I think 21 candidates and had about 16 debates.  Now … some of them were skin crawling racists and white supremacists to the 10th degree.  Some were so ill informed they were embarrassing.  Some were the worst of the party.  WE chose among all that, Donald.  Not the system, not some conspiracy minded aliens, not Hillary (that conspiracy makes me laugh so hard).  WE DID IT.




WE got who WE nominated.  But go ahead and bitch.  It sounds intelligent and educated and patriotic.  It is also new, no one has done it before.


PS, never ever tell me again what a patriot is …. fuck you if you think you are more of one than me…



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