Correct(er) Trivia

Those who know me know I love little bits of useless information, yes, trivia, and also like dispelling little bits of common knowledge.  I study speeches and used to help write them and I love quotes.  So here is where this post comes in.  So much of our simple meaningless knowledge is likely wrong.

Now much of this will not be new.  I didn’t spend hours researching these, they are anecdotal information drawn from all over.  Most are from my own research of other things or things I have learned.  Some from the internet so you know it must be true!

For those who return as this is a living document, I’ll add to the list at the beginning:



When we see those darling pictures of Giraffes embracing with their necks in a heart shape?  Yeah, they are fighting, they fight with their necks.

Cilantro and coriander are the same thing.

The book Dr. Zhivago was distributed by the CIA in Russia to help feed anti Communist sentiment.

There IS strong evidence that the CIA operates small quiet planes over American cities collecting intelligence …

Iranian flight 655 was shot down by the US Navy while they were operating in Iranian waters.  We never apologized but did pay restitution to the families.

US commanders and soldiers WERE responsible for the My Lai massacre, in spite of the trial that acquitted everyone involved.

Operation Northwoods was a CIA project to provoke a war on Cuba in 1962.  The project used US operatives to commit terrorist attacks in US cities, hijack planes and the sinking of boats of Cuban refugees on the way to the states and blame them on on the Castro Regime.  The CIA did these acts …

“Third World” is a western cold war term.  Those who sided with the US in the cold war were referred to as first world.  Those who sided with the USSR were second world nations.  Those who did not side with either were third world nations.

Joseph Stalin’s only two grandchildren, sons, were born in Wisconsin and eligible to run for President.

Mrs. O’Leary’s cow didn’t start the Chicago fire.  Nor was there a Mrs. O’Leary.  There were many cows.  The reporter later stated he had made up the story for fun.

Tokyo Rose was an American in Japan.

Most Native American tribes in North America were not violent or even hunters at the time of European discovery.  This story was fed to justify our killing of the natives which is ironic, since most natives died of disease.

Abner Doubleday didn’t invent baseball, nor was he in Cooperstown when it was invented.  British Rounders evolved into Town Ball not played in small towns but most often in cities.  The Abner Doubleday thing and Cooperstown were paid research to find a good story to make baseball uniquely American. It isn’t.

Persons with total blindness do not see black.  Black is a color processed by the eye and is not the absence of light.  They don’t see black, they see nothing. Which … we who can see interpret as black.

There is no historical evidence to support a Trojan Horse.  So maybe we need to rename the condoms.

Mr. and Mrs. have different origins than you may think.  Mr. is short for Master. Mrs. is short for Mistress.  Ms is actually not short for Mistress or anything, so there should not be a period after it.

We know that Xerox is a brand name as well as the product line it defines even when not a Xerox brand.  But names such as Post-it, Popsicle, Dumpster, Frizbee and Seeing Eye Dog are also brand names used to describe all products like them.

There are more pyramids in Sudan than Egypt.

Chastity belts are a myth.

There is very strong evidence that Shakespeare is a name used for multiple writers to publish under.  The life known associated with the Shakespeare we have identified in history as THE Shakespeare could not have taught him what he needed to know to write any of his plays, much less all of them.

The British used concentration camps long before the Germans did.  In the Boer war (1899-1902) in South Africa.  The men were shipped off as slaves and the women and children were put in concentration camps to starve to death.

THE most exclusive University is not Harvard that lets in 6% of it’s applicants, or Stanford at 4%.  It is Birla Institute of Technology that only admits 1.5% of it 180,000 applicants each year.

Canned Pumpkin is actually butternut squash or Golden Delicious Squash.

Yes there has been planned obsolescence in the incandescent light bulb industry for a little under 100 years.  Only recently has the industry suddenly found longer lifespans in their dying technology.

UPDATED: 9/7/2017

The first patent for a jet engine was issued in 1914.

Amish experience dramatically lower rates of cyber bullying.

Thomas Selfridge was the first known person to die in a plane accident in 1908.

Two studies in 2009 and 2013 show that wind power kills very few birds, about 7,000 a year.  Meanwhile nuclear power plants kill about 327,000 and fossil fuel power plants about 14.5 million.  Your green claim should be yellow.

Your remote is usually the dirtiest thing in your house.  Even more so than those socks over there——->

Spotted Hyenas can digest bone.

All apes are ticklish, and laugh.  (even my old dog!)

The highest wave ever recorded being surfed was 100 feet tall.  Take THAT Bodhi!

Post lunch time sleepiness is not due to eating or digestion, but a natural body temp drop at that time of day.

Astronaut is Greek for ‘Star Sailor’.  I love that term, we should use that instead.

Bobcats are the most common wild cats in North America.  I have only seen two.  Or the same one twice …

The Lone Ranger is said to be based on Bass Reeves but it is much more likely based on John Hughes who Zane Grey’s book, “The Lone Star Ranger” was dedicated to.

In 1974 North Korea bought 1,000 Volvo 144s from Sweden.  They ‘forgot’ to pay for them.  Today, with interest, North Korea owes approximately 3 Billion Krona to Sweden.  That is approximately 1/30th of North Korea’s annual GDP (before 2017 sanctions).  Most of those Volvos are still running and used as Taxis.

Currently (8/2017) there is no evidence that North Korea has weaponized any nuclear devices.  They have set off many nuclear detonations though.

General Grant owned one slave, William Jones, and controlled ones owned by his wife. Despite the claimed paradox of the civil war that claims Lee did not, Lee was also a slave holder.

Ferdinand Magellan was not the first to circumnavigate the earth, nor was he trying to.  Nor did he ever.  He died on his famous voyage.  Juan Sebastian Elcano was the captain of the Victoria, part of the Magellan voyage and the only ship to make the entire voyage and thus, he was the first.

The original patent for the toilet paper dispenser shows … the correct way to mount the paper is ‘over’.

Long Island is not considered an Island due to a 1985 Supreme Court ruling.  It is a peninsula with water between it and the mainland.  (uhhhh ….)

Walt Disney didn’t invent Mickey Mouse.  Ub Iwerks did.

Most Medieval torture devices we know of were made up later.

Feminists were not all or mostly or even often burning their bras.  This was a fantasy of their opposition.

Mussolini’s trains didn’t run on-time either.

In 1932, Western Australian farmers waged war on Emus.  The animal.  “The machine-gunners’ dreams of point blank fire into serried masses of Emus were soon dissipated. The Emu command had evidently ordered guerrilla tactics, and its unwieldy army soon split up into innumerable small units that made use of the military equipment uneconomic. A crestfallen field force therefore withdrew from the combat area after about a month.”  The Emus won.

A glass ball will bounce higher than a rubber one, if it doesn’t shatter.

In 1913 it was legal to mail a child.

Before the mid 70s, unmarried women rarely could get a credit card.  Today you only need a pulse, or used to have one. Or be a dog …

The north star is actually three stars.

China was using finger prints to identify people in various ways including crimes, in 300A.D.

The phrase, “Show Your True Colors” is a reference to pirates putting up their authentic flag as opposed to whatever flag they used to get close to the ship they were attacking.

There is no description of Satan in the Bible.

Confirmed kills in the Bible.  Satan 10.  God 2,476,633.  All of Satan’s kills, God permitted in a bet.

Robert E Lee, of General Lee Dukes of Hazard fame of course, was married to Mary Custis. She was the great grand daughter (through marriage) of George Washington and the heir to Mt Vernon.

In related news, Arlington Cemetery used to belong to Lee as Arlington House was the house of Custis and Lee.  The cemetery started as a way of pissing off Lee for taking a commission in the Confederate Army, rather than the one he was offered in the Union Army.  Originally it was a Union Cemetery.

The Bible doesn’t say “God helps those who helps themselves”, Ben Franklin did.

Grapes of Wrath (a movie based on John Stienbeck’s book in case you missed it on youtube) was not banned in Russia at first even though almost all American movies were.  The reason is that it showed American poverty under capitalism.  But Russians were still amazed and that American poor were so wealthy they could afford cars so it was eventually banned.

The debate about what race ancient Egyptians were is about race, not race.  They were a broad mix of pigments and characteristics not being defined by either black or white and the need to label them as one or the other is about race issues today, not then.

UPDATED 4/2017

Twain never said, “I have never killed a man but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.”  That was Clarence Darrow, and he said it in a more long winded way.

Tarzan never said, “me Tarzan, you Jane.”

It was Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  Not walk softly …

It’s “Double double, toil and trouble.” Not bubble bubble.  Unless you fart n the tub then you are on your own.

The Bible doesn’t say, “Money is the root of all evil”.  It says “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

“Eastern Medicine” is not what was then or is now practiced in the Far East as medicine.  It is taken from a Chinese book on medicine and given as alternate treatments when there is no conventional medical practices available.  This is where the more modern term “alternative treatments” has come from.

The Jews did not build the pyramids.  Slaves or otherwise.  And it is not in the bible.   The earliest record of Jews in Egypt was in 664 BCE. Israel did not exist until 1100 BCE.  The Hebrew language appears at about the same time.  The last of the big pyramids was finished in 1750 BCE.  The builders were paid well, housed well and worked as long as they wanted or as short as three months at a time.  Herodotus never named them slaves or Jews and was not a historian.  There was no exodus either.

UPDATED 11/2016

Tibet is not seeking freedom.  ‘Free Tibet’ is a western invention that Tibetans don’t really get.  How about free the Ukraine?

Anti-wrinkle cream is a mild acid that erodes the first layer of skin and forces it to tighten.  This damage is worse than sunburn and will hasten (hurry) the aging process and worsen it.

Tear Gas is forbidden by the Geneva Convention and is a war crime if used in warfare.  Most major US Police forces have it and use it on US civilians.

Although the British and the Yankees shared a common language not that long ago, we sound very different.  We did not change, the Brits did.  The British accent we know today was adopted by choice by the upper class in England in the 17th century. They made the accent to set themselves apart from the commoners, then the commoners adopted it to sound like the elite in England.  It didn’t make its way here.  That’s why Americans and Canadians sound so similar.


We do not use only 10% of our brain in spite of what Hollywood would have you think so about 5 movies costing millions of dollars outright lie.  (shame on you Morgan)  We use almost all of our brain.

The holidays do not have any more suicides than any other time of year.  There is no suicide season.  The times people choose are very personal.

This is probably the longest running lie in the media… The media is not liberal.  All but  NPR and PBS are owned by 6 conservative, or right wing conglomerates that own news, print, TV, and radio and many movie studios and sports channels with the rare exception of The Washington Post.  Sorry Rush, you lie lie lie lie ……

Yes technically addiction is a disease, “a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.” But that does not change what it is, it is a pattern of behavior adopted by the addict by choice.  Few diseases are a result of knowledgeable free will.

[This one kills me]  The only major forms of motorsports that is faster today than 20 years ago, is Drag Racing and F1.  NASCAR is over 20mph SLOWER.  Indy has not yet matched its speeds from the late 90s.

The birdman of Alcatraz, Robert Stroud, never kept birds at Alcatraz.  He did keep them while serving time at Leavenworth. He also wrote two books about birds based on his research and is credited with finding the cure for the hemorrhagic Septicemia family of diseases.

Jade Helm 15 was a normal everyday military exercise.  Texas Governor Abbott is a paranoid idiot.  Chuck Norris acted like a scared and paranoid fool.

Pure breed in animals does not mean authentic and is not natural.  “Pure Breed” dogs have changed dramatically over the 20th century, the age of ACA management.  They are not the way they are supposed to be.  Pure Breeds have many more health issues than mutts.  This tells you that is not how nature intended.

Most of what we have heard attributed to Mark Twain, he never said, or have no record of him saying it.  Also, like most things in life as a game of telephone, some he did say but not as we quote him. (which makes it not a quote)  For example; the quote about his death is, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” And there is NO record of him saying, “the only two certainties in life are death and taxes”, at all.

Pope Clement didn’t kill all the Knights Templar. Neither did King Philip IV of France.  King Phil did try to arrest all of them in France, on Friday October 13th but many were warned and resigned and left France, with their fortunes in tact.  Those who confessed heresy were also released, with their fortunes.  King Phil didn’t want the “Templar fortune”, he wanted the Pope’s representatives out of his court.   The remaining Knights Templar joined the Hospitallers Order, another Papal order and simply carried on as before.  Sorry Dan Brown and History Channel, try again.  I’m sure there is more history to make up…

Contrary to reputation, Charles Manson has never been proven to have killed anyone.  He did order murders and tried to murder Bernard  Crowe by shooting him, but Mr. Crowe survived.  Is he creepy, yes, should he be in prison, yes.  But he may be the only “serial murderer” that never directly killed anyone.  Also, the picture shown usually of him is from a long time ago, he is 82 years old now [in 2017] and doesn’t look as scary, but I’m glad he is in prison.  Ironically, most of those who did the actual murders have been paroled.

The Bermuda Triangle is not the most dangerous place on earth for planes or ships.  In fact, it doesn’t even make the top ten.  When you take into account frequency of travel, it is slightly above average for loss of planes and shipping.  This is fiction created by Charles Berlitz and continued by History Channel.

There is no record of Charlie Chaplain ever entering a Charlie Chaplain look alike contest.  Much less losing it.

Nicola Tesla [this pains me to say] didn’t pioneer much technology but did develop on existing ideas.  He did not invent AC power, he in invented the AC induction motor that runs on it.

Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.  But not why you think.  They eat them.

The Branch Davidians set fire to their own compound killing themselves.  The records and video shown in its entirety prove this.

Coins and currency are not that dirty.  Typically no more dirty than your hands.

Yes 80-90% of all US and Canadian bills have traces of Cocaine on them.  But no, it is not because they have been involved in the drug trade.  It is because cocaine is incredibly fine and transfers to anything around it, including counting machines, ATM apparatus, wallets and cash register drawers.

More people have driven on the moon [6] than have been to the depths of the ocean [3].  Twelve total have stood on the moon.

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the 67th man to cross the Atlantic.  He was the first to do it alone.

In June of 1928 Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic but she did it as a passenger.  She was later the first woman to solo fly the Atlantic in May of 1932.  Also, there is no evidence of her landing on Gardner Island. The “artifacts” found on the island were likely left over from the 100s of people who have lived on the island since then and before the “discovery”.

Area 51 is … wait for it … a testing airfield for development of cutting edge aircraft.  <~~ that is a period.  It is not secret.  History channel has mentioned it in shows ranging from Hitler’s Secrets to Hedy Lamarr.  Google offers 103,000,000 hits for area 51.  An additional 482,000 for Groom Lake.  It’s official name, National Classified Test Facility gets 3,070,000 hits.  The government doesn’t and never has denied it’s existence.  It is the definition of NOT a secret.

There is no documented case of a wild west showdown style shoot out, ever.

Hydrox cookies predate Oreos, so they didn’t copy Oreo, it is the other way around.

Zima IS just as detectable by a breathalyzer as any other alcohol.  Still think marketing doesn’t work?

Red lobsters are not racist against blue ones.  [Yes they actually do exist]

Also, lobsters do die.  But they don’t stop growing.

Fruita, Colorado’s headless chicken was not really headless.  He lost the front of his face, upper beak and front of his head when he was almost killed with an ax.  He lived quite a while after that but had to be fed everyday with an eye dropper.

Arctic ice is not on the rise.  From 1979 to 2014 the Arctic ice shrank by 1  million square miles.  There was an increase from 2012 to 2013.  That increase is gone now, and much more.

Cowboy hats were not really a symbol of the west, when the west was being lived.  The cowboy hat went into production in 1865 in Philadelphia by John Stetson.  Stetson did invent it though before that when he was in the west and noticed most miners wore flea infested coon skin caps.  In other words, they were invented for miners, not cowboys.

The Black Knight satellite is not alien, it is a silver/black double sided insulation blanket that went adrift.

There is no Lost Dutchman treasure.

Nor Oak Island treasure.

Model Ts, came in more than black.  12  million of the 15 million sold were black but they also came in Green, Blue and Maroon as well as other dealer made special order colors such as Yellow.

Yes Apollo 11 Astronauts filled out customs forms when they re-entered Hawaii after returning from the moon.  They declared moon rocks and moon dust.  The form states they left Cape Kennedy and arrived in Honolulu via the moon.

The cookie monster’s real  name is Sid.

Happy Birthday is no longer copy written because the copyright could not be defended in court.

Absinthe is nothing very different than any other alcohol.  It is made from green grapes typically and is green because it is distilled a second time with petite wormwood, hyssop, mint and chamomile.  If there are hallucinogens in it, it is because it was added after by someone else.  After first distillation, it is about 80% alcohol. after the second, about 68%.  It is just green alcohol.

Jack the Ripper is not real.  The murders are real but the name was from a fake letter written to the police by a reporter who saw declining paper sales due to the lack of murders.  The murderer never had a name, other than The Whitechapel murderer, who is real.

The History Channel is largely Pseudo Science and owned by Disney.  Ironic.

There are more people killed in the US from dog bites [35] each year than in  auto racing [22]. I’m not a dog hater, just pointing out perspective.

450 Die every year in the US by falling out of bed!

The US Constitution was not written on hemp, so stop making that stupid connection.  Oh and 420 is not an L.A. Police code for Marijuana possession or possession of anything actually.  Or any other cities code for it.  (Their codes are not that specific)  420 in LA is code for Juvenile Disturbance … fitting.

Shrunken heads were an oddity and rare, when first presented to north Americans and Europeaners.  It was only after demand for them developed by the Americans and Europeaners that they were made more often.

Sybil was faked for a book deal.  The client, the therapist and the publisher set up “Sybil Inc.” before the treatment even started.  There is no valid basis for multiple personality disorder or dis-associative identity disorder and there has never been a proven case.

The “supermale” is a myth.  There are 1 in 1,000 males with an extra Y chromosome but very flawed studies in the 70s and 80s led to biased conclusions and TV, especially cop series have perpetuated this myth.

No, Castro never tried out for ANY American baseball team.

Red cars do not get more tickets than other colors.  Grey/silver cars actually lead the statistics.  This was likely a marketing ploy by Ferrari.

The Roswell UFO was one of several Project Mogul balloons used to monitor Soviet atomic tests but was top secret at the time so it was deemed a weather balloon.  The press made up the UFO story in the atmosphere of UFO mania at the time.

The Crystal Skulls are just white quartz. The Mitchell-Hedges skull was never brought back from Central America, it was bought from auction after the dig which was documented in a letter from the time.  Also, they do contain sanding and manufacturing marks regardless what Indiana Jones pitched …

The Beale Ciphers are fake.  It is easily seen on MANY levels.

Respect cannot be demanded.  Neither can fear.

Ho Chi Min was not Anti-American, he once tried to get the US to adopt Vietnam as a territory.

Al Gore never said he invented the internet. That was political game playing.

Sarah Palin never said she could see Russia from her front porch either!

The Tunguska Blast, was a meteor.

There was no way to know of the Pearl Harbor attack ahead of time due to having broken the Japanese Imperial Code.  The code was very complex and we could not just read it off until well into each new code cycle.  Also, the imperial code was not the same as the military code.  The only access the US woulda had was to intercepts to the Japanese Embassy and the Declaration of War didn’t come until late that morning.  Communication then was not remotely like it is now.

Mr Limbaugh is wrong.  The average temperature of the earth increased .9 deg F from 1997 to 2012.  That’s A LOT.

Global warming is not new to the scientific community, they predicted it in the 70s.  The press is the one that invented a new ice age, then avoided weather predicting for 20 years when they looked like idiots.  The list is growing.

There are  many foreign brand cars that are more American made than American cars.  Chevy and Ford trucks are assembled in Canada and  Mexico.  Kia and Toyota are made in Kentucky and Tennessee.  The most American made vehicle based on material origin and location and staff is the Toyota Camry.

Loud pipes don’t save lives.  Please research the Doppler effect. Also research causes of hearing loss.

Carl Sagan said Billions many times [not billions of times though] but never said Billions and Billions.  That was Johnny Carson who said that imitating Sagan.

Pool water stinging your eyes is not too much chlorine as often as too much pee …. yeah ….

NASA didn’t spend millions of dollars developing a space pen while the Russian just used a pencil.  They both started out using a pencil but Fisher Pens developed a pen that would work in space with their own money, and NASA purchased several.  At normal prices.

The transcontinental railroad did not meet at Promontory Point.  It was Promontory Summit.  Also, this was simply selected, the railroads passed one another building tracks parallel to one another because they were paid by the mile.

There is only record of two suicides on wall street in October 1929.  Churchill helped perpetuate the myth by saying he had to step over the bodies while walking on Wall Street.

The US founding fathers were not Christian and founding the nation on Christian values.  There were Deists, Unitarians and agnostics.  Washington was essentially a Naturalist.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Paul Revere never said “The British are coming, the British are coming!”  He said very little, he was sneaking.  And they were all British.

There is no “machine gun season” in hunting season. Nor it is a reasonable or responsible weapon for home defense.  Just sayin.

Most states spend more on the signs saying they use aircraft to help enforce speed limits than they do on aircraft to enforce speed limits, if they use any aircraft at all.  None currently use drones.  [2016]

Napoleon was not short.  He was very average for his day. That’s what his lovers all said (RIMSHOT)

There is no crisis regarding family owned farms or farm land in the US.  96.7% of farms in the US are family owned non-corporate farms.  They own 89% of all farm land in the US.

There is no such thing as a mid-life crisis.  This used to be what it was called when empty nesters changed their lives and sometimes lost one another.  We constantly change.  Change is not a crisis, not changing is.

Benjamin Franklin never proposed Daylight savings time.  Daylight Savings didn’t really get proposed until 100 years after he died and then about the same time in New Zealand and in England.

Sliced bread was first manufactured in 1928, so “older than sliced bread” is like, a while ago.    Betty White IS older than sliced bread.

Me looking twice cannot overcome you riding like a fool.  Nor will I  mourn your loss.  See Darwin Awards.

Vultures do not circle over the dead or dying, they are gliding in up drafts of heat.  They gang up on dead meat, not look at it while gliding overhead.  The myth was popularized in old movies set in deserts and the American West.

Crows can mimic the human voice better that other birds.  Also lawn mowers, cars, doors closing and yoyos

The Declaration of Independence was not signed on July 4th, 1776 by the whole gang in the painting.  Only John Hancock, Secretary of Congress.  Many of the others signed it on August 2nd, 1776.  Still others signed it much later.  Oh and for those who have confused them, The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are NOT part of the same document.  The US Constitution was enacted in 1789.

Sherlock Holmes never said “Elementary my dear Watson”

You cannot see the great wall of China from space.

Speaking of, there is sound in space, it is not a complete vacuum but the sound most common is electromagnetic in nature which we cannot hear.

Nelson Mandella never said “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  That was Marianne Williamson.

Frankenstein’s assistant is named Fritz in the book, not Igore.

Captain Kirk never said “Beam me up Scotty”

Quacks do echo.  (the duck voice not the doctor kind)

Laurel Thatch Ulrich is actually the one who said, “Well behaved women seldom make history”.  Not Marylyn Monroe

Vader never said, “Luke I am your father”

Negative calorie foods, only barely exist. The theory goes that food like celery take more calories to digest than they contain.  This depends a lot on insulin resistance and metabolic rate.  People need differing amounts of energy to digest the same foods so the energy needed differs.  Ironically, thin lean people require more energy to digest food so if there are negative calorie situations, they likely only occur for lean thin people, who need it least.

A dog year is not 7 human years in any way.  Their development varies compared to ours, but average about 4 years. Except for the first year which is about 13-20 human years of development.

Water does not go down any drain the other way in Australia, (or New Zealand where a friend was recently).  It is the design of the sink or the toilet, not the Coriolis effect.

Confucius did not say, “the journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.” Lao Tzu did.

Rice does not hurt birds!

Interstates were never intended for use as emergency landing strips.  Within the Defense Highway Act there is funding for emergency landing strips near highways, but these never state that highways are to be used as landing strips.

5 hour energy drink, DOES have caffeine.  As do ALL energy drinks. As well as sugar.

The Amityville Horror was a real estate move not a haunting.  The Lutz family hired Jay Anson to write a book about their house being haunted based on the DeFeo murders that did take place in their home prior to the Lutzs buying the house.  It was not based on fact, with no evidence at all, it was created by Anson as the basis for the book to help the Lutz overcome the cost the home purchase when they were too creaped out to live in it anymore.

There is no continuous dark side of the moon.  We only see one side but when we cannot see the moon, it is because the opposite side is the side being illuminated.

Lincoln did not have a secretary named Kennedy.

Yes, Adolph Hitler was named man of the year by Time magazine in 1938.  And his nephew served in the US Navy in WWII.

Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds broadcast did not cause mass hysteria and was in fact not believed to be true by most listening and most in the nation, weren’t listening.  It was presented as theater during a known dinner theater broadcast..

Humans are born with more than 3oo bones, but by adult we have 206.

Sally Ride was not the first woman in space, she was the first American woman in space. Valentina Tereshkova was the first in 1963.

Hal 9000 never says, “Good Morning Dave.”

Marylyn Monroe did say, “If you cannot handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best.” but she didn’t originate it.  It predates her by far.

The Blair Witch Project is not real, nor based on real.

There are more than 2 sexes.  XX and XY are what most people think.  But there are also XXX, XXY, XYY, XXXY, X and Y.  Not all that have a Y chromosome appear as a male.  Not all who have no Y, appear as female.  There is A LOT of information on this.

Mr. Rogers was not a sniper, he never served in the military.  Captain Kangaroo was in the service but never left the states and was not a sniper. Dr Ruth did train as a sniper but never served as one.  Julia Child was not a spy, she did however manage them for the OSS during WWII.

Ghandi didn’t say, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

The 18th Amendment did not make alcohol illegal.  Private possession and consumption was still legal.  Home production was technically illegal, but not enforced.

Yes the horse head in the bed in The Godfather was real.

Black lawn Jockeys were not connected to the underground railroad.

Lincoln did not live to see the 13th amendment ratified.  The Emancipation Proclamation did not free the slaves.

There is no Autism Epidemic, epidemics are the spread of contagious diseases.  The rise in autism was only due to a change in the diagnostic criteria.  Jenny McCarthy was a fool.

Alcohol does not help you feel warmer, it actually helps you lose feeling and encourages freezing by constricting blood vessels.

Scientifically, the term “organic food” is meaningless. It’s like saying a “human person”. All food is organic. All plants and animals are organic.  Plastic and coal are organic. There is very little difference between organic and non organic labeled foods. It is mostly a marketing ploy to charge more for similar or identical food.  Taste tests have consistently shown no ability to discern the difference.

Fracking is not putting methane in drinking water.  Water wells collect methane in some areas naturally.  Fracking takes place about 1 mile to 5 miles underground.  The deepest water wells I have found was about 600 feet.  Geology prevents them from mixing easily.    Gasland is propaganda

You need 137% more ethanol [E85] to go the same distance as regular gas.  E85 has 15% gas in it.  It takes gas to make E85.  It cannot be piped, it has to be trucked in trucks that optimistically make 7mpg on diesel.    Lemme put it differently, after you use gas to make ethanol, ad gas to ethanol and truck ethanol to every gas station from every refinery, you will get 18mpg on ethanol or 25 mpg on gas.  51 cents of every gallon of ethanol is paid for by your taxes via the federal govt and ethanol is not taxed by the feds.  So when it costs more than regular gas which it has done for the last three years near me, it has been making the industry alot of money!   ETHANOL SAVES NOTHING and was a republican political ploy to appease farmers.  It worked, you bought it.

Darwin didn’t originate the term “Survival of the fittest.”  Nor was he the first to propose evolution.  He credits Herbert Spencer, “The Principles of Biology” in 1864.

No, there is no hanging Munchkin in the movie The Wizard of Oz.

There is no closure in grief, acceptance is the last stage.

John Glenn was not the first man or American in space, the first man to go to space AND RETURN ALIVE was Yuri Gagarin [we think], the first American was Alan Shepard.

There is some evidence that there were more Soviet launches before Yuri Gagarin but it is hard to prove.  Suffice it to say logic says there were some failings.  Radio broadcasts were heard by Italians and Czechs that seemed to indicate disasters in space as early as 1958.  Also there is some evidence that Yuri didn’t go to space, might have been faked after several failures.

DB Cooper was named Dan Cooper.  DB was a miss quote in a newspaper.  Still doubt the power of the press?

The Cardiff giant was a hoax.

So was Piltdown Man

No, the head of the Eagle on the Presidential seal does not turn the other way in times of war.  Not to mention the US has not declared war since WWII.  Also, the sound of the Eagle most have heard, it actually the sound of a red tailed Hawk.  Bald Eagles squeak.

Ginger Rodgers did not say, “I did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in high heels.”  That was from a comic strip.

Equinox in reference to seasons does not mean equal time of light and night (that should be a song lyric), it means the rotational axis of the earth is aligned equally with the sun.

Jim Lovell never said, “Houston we have a problem.”

George Washington was not the first President.  He was the first Constitutional President of the United States.  The first to use the term President was Peyton Randolph who was the first president of the Continental Congress, 1774. (14 different men held this title)  John Hanson was the first President of the United States under the Articles of Confederation, 1781. (8 men have held that position and title) That makes George the 23rd “President” but 1st Constitutional President of the United States.

This one is confusing and I have no idea how we got so far from fact … Yes the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4th, 1776.  The war started before that.  There were battles on June 28th, June 8th, Feb 27, 1776, Dec 30th, Dec. 11th, Nov 10th, June 17th, May 10, April 19, 1775.  Paul Revere, William Dawes and Sam Prescott’s ride took place on April 18, 1775.  The war ended on Sept. 3rd, 1783.  So can someone explain to me why we have July 4, 1776 as our birthday?  We weren’t “born”, until the war was won, and July 4th is not when it started.

There is NO Pacific Ocean garbage patch. None.  Myth.. However, there IS a lot of trash in the pacific and in some places it is very visible but there is hardly a Texas sized “island”, or a Rhode Island sized one or any … most of the trash is from the fishing and cruise ship industries.

Edison invented, almost nothing.  He had many, many scientist working for him that did. Yes his lab improved the light bulb after he purchased one of many existing patents, but his patents, for which others did all the labor, was among the hundreds that came before him for the light bulb.

General Custer was not a General.  He was a Lt. Colonel.

Texas cannot leave the US anytime it wants.  It can however split into up to 5 smaller states.  Here’s hoping!

George Washington Carver did not invent peanut butter.  The Aztecs did.  Carver did invent like 300 other things to do with peanuts though!

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise, as viewed from above.  Damn space rebels …

Yes Truman’s middle initial is “S”, and no, it does not stand for anything, just “S”!

The North Star is not the brightest star in our sky or even close.  THE SUN IS!  There are many stars brighter then Polaris.  Polaris is three stars, not one.

There are many more than 5 senses.

Columbus did not discover America.  The Vikings were here long before him and the Cherokee Indians that were numbering in the 100,000s in 1492 are of Eastern Mediterranean decent. (Columbus never even believed he didn’t land on islands off the Indian coast, thus the term American INDIANS )  Not to mention, you know, the millions of native Americans already here.

Lighting does strike the same place twice, in fact it can strike the same place thousands of times.  In the case of a few locations, they can be struck hundreds of times a night!

Brontosauruses never existed, that was a whoops by Paleontologists.

Gerald Ford was never elected to the office of Vice President, he was appointed after the election when Agnew resigned.  So Ford is the only president who held office of President but was never elected to a role to hold the office.

Psychopath is not the psychological term for crazy, it means diminished sense of empathy.  It is also not a diagnosis nor defined in the DSM IV TR.  ( this does mean I accurately can be a psychopath in regards to Boston sports fans)

Pot IS addictive, get over it.

California wont and cannot fall into the ocean during the next big earth quake.  No matter how much I wish …

Hawaii is the southern most state, so the term “Lower 48” is very wrong.

Copernicus was not the first to suggest the earth rotated around the sun. It was Aristarchus, Plato, Aristotle and Ptolemy…

Chemical imbalance does not exist in psychology, there is no standard level of brain chemicals, of which there are hundreds.

Columbus did not prove the earth was round. That was common knowledge by then and proven centuries before.  His voyage would also not have proven it anymore than the hundreds of other voyages before his.

Traffic accidents sharply rise in the aftermath of the home team losing the Super Bowl.

Chuck Yeager was not the first to break the sound barrier. George Welch, who I have written about, broke it first but they didn’t know what the sonic boom was or meant.  Even Yeager acknowledges this.

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence day.  It is the day that outnumbered Mexican fighters won a battle they should not have, building unity and national pride.  Independence Day for them is September 16. And it was Independence from the French.

St Patrick ’s Day is not about Irish independence, nor snakes.  It is a Catholic Holiday marking the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It marks the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick.  So we get plastered on green beer … YEAH RELIGION!

Speaking of, Xmas is not a modern slight to remove Christ from Christmas. The X is chi in Greek and has been used to symbolize Christ from almost the beginning of Xianity.

President Nixon was not impeached; he resigned before that could take place.

Being impeached does not mean you are no longer president.  It means indited, not convicted.  Two Presidents have been impeached.  Both were found innocent.

The defenders of The Alamo, were defying orders and died in vain.

Alcatraz was not escape proof.  There was a break out in 1937.  The two that broke out were never found, only presumed dead and thus the myth of escape proof was maintained.  In 1962 one inmate did reach the mainland, so it was proven possible.  Earlier in 1962 the Anglin Brothers and Frank Morris escaped and were never seen again, until recently when the Anglin brothers were confirmed to have been living in Brazil.

And finally, an obvious but good one to remember, Alien Autopsy was a hoax put on by Fox News for ratings and things have gone down from there.


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