Radio Ga Ga

Queen live Aid

For the new year, I wanted to write something that makes me thrill. Something that when I watch it, it inspires…

An 18 year old is very impressionable. I was no exception. On the 4th of July of my 18th tour around the sun, I was lucky enough to be about 100 feet from the stage as The Beach Boys pissed off Regan by performing on The Mall in Washington DC. It was magical. It was live. But the best was yet to come.

Nine days later I tuned into MTV to watch a concert in Wembley Stadium. I watched various performers and speeches about the need for money to help feed people in Ethiopia. Then a man approached a piano and I could not stop watching.

The magic and power of artistry was shown to me. One man elevated poetry to music, music to Rock, Rock to artistry and artistry to a religious experience. The next 20 minutes changed Rock and me, forever.

Brian May stated after,”It was the greatest day of my life.” It showed.
To the late Freddie Mercury; to Queen; and to Queen’s sound guy who turned off the sound limiters, I thank you for one of the most awe inspiring moments of my life. You changed me forever. One day I too will go to my grave, and I will still remember these 20 minutes of my life when I was 18 years old. And I will Rock.



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