Happier New Year!

As New Year approaches, ‘tis the season for Health Club’s black Friday and the near immediate dropping of that resolution. So I thought I would make suggestions of better ones, more simple too. Some involve food! None will get you arrested. A couple might lead to sex! Most of these I have seen or heard others do so I cannot claim any credit for most of these:

Drink less soda or beer this year instead of paying for a gym membership.
Shovel your neighbors walk next time it snows.
Pay for a stranger’s meal when you go out to dine.
Push a car out of the snow, or for those with Jeeps, pull one.
Take some dog/cat/salamander food to the shelter.
Plant more flowers. [or any] or a tree.
Learn to change the tire on your car.
Send someone an actual hand written love note.
Talk with someone who disagrees with you, and understand their view.

Go spend a day in the woods alone, maybe save that for summer.
Sing to the person in the car next to you at the stop light.
Pick one historical topic you want to learn more about, and use Google Scholar.
Leave cookies [you don’t have to make them] on a co-worker’s desk.
Slow down on the highway in the mountains. [me especially]
Clean out that closet and drop off at the charity of your choice.

Call someone you have not talked to in a long time.  If an enemy, tell them you are with the IRS.
Commit to stopping at all Lemon-aid stands this year.
Buy some spares for your Jeep.
Have dinner at the aquarium. [yes they do that]
Go to a local High School sporting event and cheer loudly.
Eat out less.
Read Calvin and Hobbs.
Picnic more.
Buy a Lego kit for yourself. [cause Lego]

Make a play list of all the songs you listened to when you fell in love the first time.
Bring flowers to your best friend [that includes SOs and spouses people]
If you like someone at work, send them flowers! STOP WAITING FOR THEM TO!

Make a list of realistic things you want to do in the next 3 months, then do them!
Go back to church if that is your thing.
Get a library card and use it.

Sing in the shower
Give blood. Plasma pays.
Spend less on Starbucks, it’s not as good as you think.
Instead of posting on facebook, call them.
Go to a movie or concert.
Tell someone they look handsome/beautiful/tasty/luscious/wonderful/yummy today. [please choose adventurously]
PRINT some of your digital pictures.
Listen more.

Get a pet. Goldfish are hard to walk though.
Leave a bigger than needed tip.
Ride a horse.

Wear a hat, the world needs more hats.
Actually write a letter and send it. [you will need a stamp, if under 20, ask your mom what those are]
Have a snowball fight.

Don’t get a tattoo for new years.
Learn some jokes, bad ones preferably.

Make your neighbor some food for no reason.
Forgive someone.

Notice every one of those and many combined cost less than a gym membership.

The idea here is to commit to doing things you can actually carry through. Nothing is more useless than a New Years resolution that you wont complete. What a way to start the year with a fail. Most are fun to do! So how about this one for a new year resolution; have more fun 


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