Eastern Mediterranean Day

Eastern Mediterranean Day

Some people who know me would say I love Columbus Day. But not for the reason it is celebrated. It is the byproduct of years of poor teaching and even worse educational writing in the form of text books. Did Columbus sail the ocean blue? Yes. Did he bump into land that is considered part of the Americas? Yes. Did he start the European expansion into new world that became the settlement of the Americas? Very debatable.
I would first argue that you cannot discover something already known to exist. It was not known widely by Europeans, no. But, although the numbers vary, there were millions of aboriginals here when Columbus arrived. Columbus discovering America is similar to me walking into your house and discovering it. I said “widely” two seconds ago, we’ll get to that.


The Bronze Age of Europe was about 1800-1600 BC. This is well documented. What is also well documented but not well answered yet, although there are studies going on that are very interesting, is that there is no evidence of enough copper being mined in Europe or its accepted trade partners to make the Bronze of Europe. You can “type” metals like copper much like DNA, that shows regional origin.
Bronze is made of copper and tin. Melt them together and you get Bronze. You can make weapons and tools from Bronze. It was one of the metals of conquest and prosperity. In other words, Bronze, via copper, made dynasties. There is an opposite puzzle piece to this question.
In the great lakes region of North America, specifically Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, there are copper mines that were mined for about 6500 years. The amount of copper that came form these mines is massive and has almost no presence in the Americas themselves. This is also the purest copper in the world.
One seemingly unlikely but almost proven explanation is that Europe was trading with North American Natives for their copper a VERY long time ago. Another variation is that Europeans came here and worked the mines but it makes more sense that they only traded and took home the melted down copper ingots.
For reference purpose, were talking about the copper mines being active from 5300BC-1320AD. Europe’s Bronze age was 1800-1600BC. Europe didn’t have enough copper for the known Bronze Age. North America has high grade copper in large quantities missing. These eras over lap.


The Vikings were in North America sometime around 1000AD. They settled in Newfoundland, CA and lived there for an extended period of time. There is some evidence that they also pushed further down the coast, but that settlement has never been found.
In my own research I have not found that it was definitively Leif Erikson who led this community but the settlement was known and archeologically accepted as the earliest known European presence in North America.


The advent of DNA has permitted scientists to find origins of people and either determine or refine migration patterns. When most Native Americans have been tested, they almost all indicate Asian origins. This is in support of the Bering Strait land bridge theory set forth long ago.
One group stands out as not Asian. The Cherokee. They, although only anecdotal information thus far, are not only not Asian, but Eastern Mediterranean. The Cherokee were here and plentiful as Columbus landed on Haiti. So somehow, someone came from the Mediterranean long ago and stayed and bred and developed a society and gave us Lacrosse among other things of course.


There is also recent information that is starting to emerge about Egyptians having tobacco. This is not one mummy, this was nine different mummies dating from 1070 BC to 395 AD. The only known source for Tobacco in the world at that time and until the commercialization of the Americas, was the Americas. So it seems that the Egyptians were trading with the Americas in the same era as Jesus.
This era follows the Bronze Age when there might have been trade from The Great Lakes region of North America. This could be sustained trade. This also connects to the Cherokee DNA information connecting to the Eastern Mediterranean region.


I believe that trade started with North America in the Bronze Age of Europe. Logically you could also conclude that they did not just set off across the North Atlantic searching for Copper without some knowledge at least of there being a continent to go to and explore. So knowledge likely existed before The Bronze Age of North America if the DNA of the copper proves to be conclusive.
The Cherokee DNA is not yet conclusive but it sure fits with European settlement in North America long before Columbus. It also fits with the mummies of Egypt. The tobacco region of North America is in the heart of Cherokee territory. Cherokee DNA studies seem to be showing that they are from the Eastern Mediterranean region.
To me this all fits together.
So what is my point? My father grew up reading in text books and being taught that Columbus discovered North America and was the first to do so. I grew up with similar teachings. In 1934, after petitioning from the Knights of Columbus, President Roosevelt made Columbus Day a federal holiday. By the time my father was working for the Federal Government in the 70s, he was not getting the day off. By the time I was in High School, I was not getting the day off. The day was slipping. I like to think logic was slowly prevailing.
Columbus Day is not a day of anything really. He was not the first to make economic trade with the region. He was not the first to settle here, especially since he never settled in the Americas. This is my favorite. Christopher Columbus did not believe he had reached anywhere but an island off the coast of India. This is why we call Native Americans Indians. So Columbus himself might have not believed that he found a new continent.
Oh and to correct the history books I was given in grade school, it was common knowledge in educated circles that the earth was round in 400 BC. Columbus was not proving that, he was depending on that. Also, ever ask yourself why Haiti doesn’t celebrate Columbus actually landing there? Interesting question.  So anyhow, Happy Eastern Mediterranean Day!




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