This is a bout a man named Blind Willie Johnson. He was a Rhythm and Blues and Gospel musician. I’m very not a Rhythm and Blues and Gospel guy but I am an irony guy, in a wrinkled shirt at the moment.

Blind Willie was poor all of his life but we wasn’t blind all of his life. The story goes that he was blinded at age 7 by his step mother. His step mother apparently was caught by Willies dad on a date with another man and in retaliation she blinded his son Willie with Lye.

He married twice at least, became a preacher and lived in Texas but was best known for his music. He died in absolute poverty living in the remnants of his house that had burned down that he could not afford to fix. He died from living in that house he could not afford to fix.

Here is the irony. His song, “Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground” was selected as one of the compositions included on the Voyager Golden Record. This record is on the Voyager space craft intended to leave the solar system and possibly make alien contact one day.

He lived blind and poor and died alone in his burned out home. And his composition was selected along with Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Stravinsky and Chuck Berry as well as others, to represent mankind. I only wish the album came with his back story.


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