There is more going on in the world than we see. We all know that. But we struggle to accept that. Think about that, we struggle to accept what we know. In other words, man were hard headed….

If we are living in the woods we know the trees, can name the trees, name the undercover bushes and insects and animals and have names and myths for the winds and the calls from birds high above. But if asked where we are, a simple yet accurate answer will likely come, the woods. But WHERE are the woods.

Climb a tree or find a tall hill or mountain in those woods and get above the trees and you may see, you are up hill and not far from, Vancouver, Canada, or Lima, Peru, or Bergen, Norway. In other words, just cause we cannot see it and have not experienced it and does not fit perfectly into our world view, does not mean it is not true. And for certain members of a certain political party this also does not mean we should fear it. Just so ya know.

Who discovered America? This is a theme question I will refer to often in entries. If 109 [ yes,109] Americans were asked that probably 97 at least would say Columbus. Never mind the millions of people here already. Lets not even get lost on the tangent that Columbus never set foot on the North American continent. That’s a whole other peeve I feed and house. How about the Vikings? Specifically … Leif Eriksson. He got here around 1100. Oh, and he actually set feet and homes and crops on the continent. So why the Columbus thing?

I’m not gonna get into the ideas and near proof that the Americas were visited looooooong before Ol’ Christopher killed off the natives and went home to brag about it. I wanna know why we resist demoting Ol Christopher at all. No one disputes his voyage of the Nina, Pinta and The Get Me The Hell outa Here. [credit Toby Ziegler] I say this cause no one really knows the name of the third ship actually. But why are we so hard set on European discovery of North America? Leif was European. I’m confused about the resistance.

There is credible evidence that the Chinese mighta been here well before Christopher. The Polynesians were here for sure, long before Christopher. We have chickens and they have sweet potatoes to prove that. The Japanese were in Chile a VERY long time ago, a recessive disease proves that. Cherokee Indians are of European origins based on DNA. The Egyptians had caffeine and tobacco, both originally only in the Americas. The Mediterranean cultures had copper so pure it could only have come from the great lakes, 1,000s of years ago.

So why are we so set on the Columbus thing??? I demonstrated his discovery this way to my father. I walked into his house, walked around, named it Columbus. I thus claimed and named his house in the name of my queen that paid me but not mine in reality. I told him to live in the closet or die. He laughed. But it is a fair comparison.

Some might say ok, Columbus was not here first but he was the first to set up trade and the flood that started that we know as Colonization. Colonization? Yes maybe, if we don’t count that Viking settlement Leif set up and traveled back and forth to. Trade? Where did the aforementioned copper, tobacco and caffeine come from? It wasn’t found laying about and sure wasn’t grown by those who brought it back to Europe. Nope, was traded for or the people here were enslaved to produce it.

Here is when I make a great leap of comparison and might be the ONLY place on earth you see these two compared. I think Columbus is who he is for the same reason the Kardashians are famous [has nothing to do with mythically breaking the internet] They each have had great publicists. Cept Christopher actually did something.

The Chinese had a map that pretty decently outlined all of North and South America well before Columbus. Think about that, OUTLINED, went around, mapped. The Cherokee Indians are thick with European DNA. They came from Europe, not Asia like all the others here. Hundreds of thousands of Cherokee Indians. If that is not Colonization I don’t know what is.

I will say one thing for Ol’ Christopher. Yes, his voyages and the publicity by the Queen that followed opened a flood gate that has brought us many new nations, the worlds largest military, the Jamaican Bobsled Team, Big Bang Theory and the Happy Meal. But he wasn’t here first and discovered nothing.

For anyone reading who likes semantics, I will even say yes he did not technically discover the Americas. To discover is to find unexpectedly. He expected and seemed unaccepting that what he found was not India. Thus, we call Native Americans Indians. So he found in his mind what he knew was there but it wasn’t what he though even though he never accepted that. [sounds familiar, perspective]

Perspective is a great thing. There were people here 1,000s of years before Columbus and he did not discover anything. He found something already known to exist by millions and did not accept what was right in front of his eyes. The idea that the Europeans didn’t know was their issue. Ask the millions here already, they knew they existed.


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