Common Sense Versus Youtube

Those who know me know I love conspiracies and myths. The reason I like them is that I love to see the psychology of it all and how people seem to need conspiracies to feel powerful, powerless or to have excuses. But most don’t pass the smell test. I also like that they depend on presenting limited information or that most of their audience is not close enough to the event or location to know they either leave out information, or lie outright.

I am gonna use my local conspiracy theory as my example. DIA as either a concentration camp or headquarters for The New World Order. I wont go point by point, I am gonna hit a few local knowledge versus youtube “fact” points. Common sense versus youtube. And to be honest, also the topic of several TV shows lately.

One of the most common that locals can challenge easily is that Denver had a perfectly good airport in Stapleton and yet it was shut down to build an airport 30 miles out of town in the middle of nowhere which makes no sense. Yes, it made sense then and does now.

Stapleton was a very old airport that the city grew around. It needed to grow for the bigger airplanes to use it and it had no room to do so. For instance, 747s could not easily land or take off at Stapleton, so long international flights were not possible from Stapleton. There also the ground traffic issue, that Stapleton was a local traffic issue, or major one if you lived within 2 miles of it.

The solution was only controversial because it was expensive. The new airport we know as DIA was built very far from town to avoid the same congestion issues Stapleton had. It came with it a huge amount of surrounding land and a noise intrusion zone. In other words, it was safe from encroachment so there would not be a repeat Stapleton 30 years down the road. It also had room to grow for new and bigger planes such as the A380 900.

It is now one of the busiest airports in the nation and has paid for itself many times over. This is no conspiracy.

The second common conspiracy claim is the idea that DIA is surrounded by a ten foot tall fence with razor wire pointed IN as if they are trying to keep people from leaving DIA. This is supposedly the pre-planning for it to be a concentration camp. No. First off the wire on the top paint straight up not in. Secondly, the airport is not even close to ringed by it. It is only in the areas where DIA borders private land and is out of common use and view. DIA is 54 square miles, it’s big and not surrounded by razor wire pointing in.

So if this was preplanning for a concentration camp as claimed, they still have much work to do. This is not a sign of anything other than lawsuits and common sense.

There are many things inside the airport that do beg for explanation. Whoever buys the art for the airport is a moron. The murals are horrible and the blue horse is offensive to artist everywhere. But to think that any of them are supposed to be hints to the pending secret world order plan, no. This isn’t a comic book where clues of a diabolical plan are laid out for others to find.

One I love the most is there are many symbols in the floor of the main terminal that people find mysterious. One is an ore cart from a mine. That’s not so mysterious, people. It has above it what some youtubers like to claim is yet another clue to the diabolical plan from the new world order. The letters AgAu are in the floor in brass. One conspiracy theorist will have you believe that it is the abbreviation for a gas that will be used to kill prisoners in the future camp DIA will become.

OR,. They could be the chemical symbols for Silver and Gold; the minerals that built Colorado into a state in the 1800s. I’m gonna tap into my common sense and bet on the Silver and Gold thing.

The most enduring un-provable and also undeniable evidence of DIA being some sinister plot is long tunnels under the airport. They show aerial photos of the airport being built and talk about these concrete tunnels that are now buried. Yes, there are tunnels down there. If you use DIA you use some of those tunnels. They have a subway that connects the main terminal to the three and likely future five concourses where the gates are.

This is no mystery. There are also tunnels used for transporting luggage. There was gonna be a high speed baggage system that never did work and was abandoned but the tunnels were not. Today the tugs that pull the baggage cars use those tunnels. If you go there look around and notice there are almost no luggage trains running around. Maybe one day those tunnels will be used for the high speed baggage system as they were originally intended. I suspect they will. There is no mystery here.

One of the claims that is often made is that DIA will be the headquarters for The New World Order; a youtube entity that has never been seen or heard of. The 1%ers of the 1% that want to run the world. Why?? And why do they need DIA to run it from. These people being mentioned are so wealthy they can buy small countries. They do not need an airport to live under. And the basic premise is flawed. They want to rule the world, while killing off all the people. What’s the fun of ruling if you have no one to rule.


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