The Rockies Nature

Nature will kick your ass. I have spent much more time above tree line than most. More than most in Colorado in fact. This is a nice time to point out that most who live around me never or rarely go to the mountains. I know that is easy to understand but it is also odd to me. It is WHY I live here. In my jeep at almost all times and anytime I go up country is an odd collection of things many would consider overkill.

A down winter jacket and down sleeping bag. A two man tent. A duraflame fire log. Spam and peanut butter. A 6 inch knife. Extra socks, spare parts for the jeep and tools and a plug in and mobile power for my cell phone. 3 D cell flashlight. Bird and flower spotters book and an extra hat for my shaved head.

In other words, I go prepared. I don’t have all this in my street car and don’t consider it all to be needed all the time but if I am gonna go in my Jeep, I will likely go off road somewhere. This is part of why I live here. I know most who go into the mountains go for dinner or to ski. I go to connect.

I take all these things because I know that at any moment either bad luck or preparations can end your travels. I also know the weather can change in a heartbeat up there. That’s part of the allure for me. While racing I accepted the possible outcomes. But I didn’t invite death. I flirted and held hands with it. It doesn’t scare me.

I respect what nature teaches, even if I don’t always listen. Snow is an equalizer. It will reduce the best Jeep to a radio flier. It will also not care how many dollars you invested in anything other than tires.

Life equalizes if you let it. Go in prepared as you learn and you succeed where others fail. Just as the weather, you cannot predict life. But you can bring a jacket, dry socks and spam and make a go of the bad times. You also have to accept that before you die, you first should live. It’s a choice, just like going into the mountains.


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