Life’s Illusion

The key to learning is discovering we already know. The things we are best at are the things that we see as coming naturally. Often they are things we were drawn to, maybe not recognizing that draw is familiarity, knowing, “getting it” and not knowing that we already know but accepting naturally that God bestowed us this gift of talent.

We know all things when we stop believing we don’t. I need to stop fearing my gifts. I need to know that the gifts I have I am intended to have and that all have them. The gifts I have seen and noticed and learn to use are the ones I have sought to know and have accepted that they are possible. All things are possible with belief.

Learning should not be feared or mocked. Knowing should not be judged. Those who seek to know, learn what they need to have. We seek the world we choose. We each have the power to make the world we want. Our choices dictate the world we live within. Good and bad, my world is of my making.

I have discovered for me, with greater learning comes greater peace. There is always discomfort and fear that comes with a new level of vision but ultimately that newer plane will feel like your comfort zone and thus the place you fear leaving as you seek the next. Most of what we fear we do not understand.

Peace for me comes through exploration, learning I already know, accepting that gift and seeing the world through that next plane. The more I learn the more detail of the world around me seems vivid. As I struggle with the everyday details of man’s world, I am seeking more and more of the greater world I am in. Eventually I believe I will leave this world without explanation. Without drama. But to simply depart as scheduled.


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